Serial Killers

A few days back I was watching a documentary on Discovery Channel about serial killers and the infamous tag that USA has begotten for being the country with the most number of serial killers, even though reality is otherwise. For starters, the first serial killing was reported in UK with Jack the Ripper and second, in most developing countries crimes go unreported due to the lack of proper disciplinary infrastructure and a wide variety of other reasons including corruption.

But mostly it is the apathy in India which makes this country seem relatively safe in terms of serial killers, if you go by the official statistics. India is no stranger to serial killers especially those who lurk in matrimonial homes silently killing their daughter-in-laws every day. Few that get reported are in the form of dowry deaths but the instances of mental cruelty that occur every minute of the day go largely unreported. The constant taunts and berating tone is worse than any knife stab. The psychology being behind it that, with stabbing and killing you are finishing everything, the pleasure is gone in few seconds but if you mentally and physically torture someone the pleasure continues for a protracted duration and you can enjoy every second of the day.

The taunts about the way a person dresses, talks, walks, eats or looks can kill him or her from within. The constant refusals to provide food, proper shelter and clothing coupled with abusive language and snatching away every ounce of dignity takes place every day in Indian homes and is common place for most Indian DILs. There are many of us who even expect this to some extent once we get married. Combine this scenario with the social stigma of a broken marriage and you are staring down a lifelong situation for most Indian DILs unless of course she has the courage to walk out or her parents are sensible enough to remove her from the toxic environment.

So if anyone is thinking that USA is home to the most number of serial killers look into the Indian homes and trust me you will find on an average at least one in every locality.


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