The Shy and Blushing Public Property

In India everyone has a say on a woman’s body, her life and her sexuality except of course, her. In India women are taught to stay within their limits or else they will be taught a lesson by being raped, burnt alive or if the person teaching the lesson is somewhat merciful he will molest her and let her off with a moral lecture. This is exactly what happened in the Guwahati molestation case and in the Delhi gang-rape case.

The last few days I have stayed quiet on this blog, first because the months of November and December are particularly hard for me and this time with such barbarities happening in the open, brought to the forefront what I had been shouting myself hoarse about in the last year.

As I watch the interview on a news channel the interview of the Delhi Braveheart’s friend I can unfortunately relate to the apathetic society and the cynical attitude of the friend towards the society in general. When he was waving at people for 25 minutes on 16th December, 2012 no one stopped, yes absolutely no one but later practically the whole city erupted in spontaneous protests. Though I am happy that at least the apathetic society woke up to protests for the safety and freedom of the women in India, reports of women being molested in the crowd while protesting throws a wet blanket on any hope that might have arisen in my mind.

I have had my ex’s neighbors telling me that just because they did not know me, I was wrong despite seeing burn marks and bruises on me. Yet most of these people have blogs on various platforms talking about women empowerment. What takes the cake is that my ex-SIL was/is a part of many campaigns against domestic violence yet was one of the worst perpetrators of domestic violence towards me. So yes, I am not surprised at the insensitivity or the apathetic attitude of Indian society because even I have been at the receiving end of it.

The numerous thoughts in my head and the anger simply gushing out at times have made it difficult to create a coherent post. So till then bear with me of re-posting links or posting tweets. In saying that here is an extremely inspiring post by a woman who refused to be victimized despite facing a spectrum of horrible behaviors the Indian society could display. [I fought for my life-and won]


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