Candyfloss Romance

Candyfloss romance is a fair weather friend. In it, all things are pretty and perfect. The girl is perfect, gorgeous and poised, the boy is tall, dark and handsome and they live happily ever after.

What most do not realize is that happily ever after is a continuous state of being requiring constant work and effort. Marriages might be made in heaven but they are  endured and worked upon on Mother Earth. In reality we realize that diamonds might be forever but love and marriage are not always so, platinum love bands can help you find your day of love but not make it last and gifting chocolates and roses on V-day does not necessarily signify true love.

Hence happily ever after is finding your significant other standing by you through thick and thin, loving you in sickness and in health for richer or poorer. Happily ever after is finding that steady hand on your back supporting you through the journey of achieving your dreams, holding your hand allaying your fears of reality and nightmares, being told that you look gorgeous when you look your worst, laughing on the silliest of jokes and still hanging onto the phone to talk through the night like teenagers despite being married for years.

I have seen two fabulous marriages before me, one which lasted over 4.5 decades and the other 3 decades and still counting. These marriages were long before V-day celebrations, diamonds or consumerism made their appearance in India. They showed me that love is like wine which tastes better with time and maturity. True love and commitment do not require gifts delivered to each other through cash-on-delivery on V-day or birthdays or flowers for expressing the love; they will make their presence known through the small gestures that matter the most.

So with another V-day around the corner poking its candyfloss romance into my eyes I make a promise and commitment to myself of loving and cherishing myself. I may not be important to my unfortunately-still-legally-married-to significant other, but I am important to me and so on this V-day I just might gift myself flowers and chocolates to reaffirm the promise and commitment made.


6 comments on “Candyfloss Romance

  1. janeykate says:

    To love yourself, and to be kind to yourself, and to forgive yourself those human failings that we all have, is every bit as important as ensuring you do those things for the ones you love.

    Wishing you loads of happiness! Things do get better, even if it takes a while.


  2. Back in 2011, there was this grand family celebration. It was the 50th Wedding Anniversary of one of my Uncle and Aunt. They are those grandparents who still have cute arguments over who (amongst them) were better swimmers during their youth. And this post of yours just reminded me of them. Will keep coming for more.

  3. reocochran says:

    I like the way you described the candy floss romance. Also, your sharing the personal stories of couples who made long term marriages and commitments. They are our inspiration! Yes, we need to hope for one that lasts a long while! I hope for your sake, especially, that happens!

    • Yes, indeed they are an inspiration but also the truth and hope that true love does exist, it is not just the figment of someone’s imagination even if we have not been lucky to experience yet.

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