Facebook Monologue

I joined Facebook (under my real name) way back in 2007 when it first came to India. I remember enjoying interacting on Facebook then even though it did not provide a chat applet. But since then despite a burgeoning friends list I have hardly used it to interact and instead it became a tool for only checking the happenings of other people’s lives and staying quiet. Over the last few days I realized that through this blog I have been welcomed by complete strangers with open arms, interacted with them, poured out my thoughts and feelings, found understanding and the much needed human connection. So right now I am in a good mind to shut my FB account under my real name and open one under WanderLustry Ramblings.

My Beloved Facebook,

Our relationship started like any other relationship, filled with love and hope in our eyes and hearts. You serenaded me into your folds. But I honestly think it was because of your high moral fiber in comparison to Orkut. I was taken- hook, line and sinker. I vowed that you would be special. You would be me my connection with family members and close friends, so that I would not need any excuse to visit you at any time of the day. You amazed me every time with your qualities. I spend hours looking at you, playing the many history and geography quizzes while exchanging cute pokes, hugs and kisses with my loved ones.

Just when everything was going great you brought others knocking  on the doors of our relationship. You called them ‘dear’ friends. Did you not realize that if they were so ‘dear’ to me I would not have ever lost touch with them. Yet you prevailed, teaching me etiquette of social networking on the internet. You told me that even if I was not ‘friends’ with them offline it was courtesy to ‘friend’ them online. So started the third persons walking in and out of our relationship.

My dear beloved, you still did not understand that I pined for the days it was just you and me not everyone dropping into my profile. When I told you, to add to my woes you brought in specialized privacy which I still find hard to understand and despise since it allows people to hide and cheat. So my dear beloved, on this Valentine’s Day while everyone is professing their love to people they hold dear, I am telling you that it is not me, it is you darling who welcomed the troubles I do not want to weather.

Despite my patience and understanding and your supposed warmth I don’t think this will work out. Even though you welcome me every morning with, ‘What’s on your mind X?’, ‘How you doing X?’, you wipe the smile of my face and steal the warmth of my cup of coffee with the next few lines. You tell me they are important. They after all signify the happenings in lives of my ‘friends’. So you hold me to you to let me browse through glossed perfect pictures of my ‘friends’, with their perfect friends, perfect families, in perfect locations, spouting the perfect smiles.

So darling please understand the current situation in my life, which requires that I genuinely connect with people who believe in just stopping by to say ‘hello’ and have a nice conversation. But you never know with the changes you bring in everyday you might just be able to serenade me back into your folds but till then it is a fond goodbye.




4 comments on “Facebook Monologue

  1. maria5125 says:

    I know the feeling, I’ve been very quiet on fb since my ex asked for a divorce, almost 2 years ago. But during the recent snow storm here I really felt a need to be active and connect to people, I think being stuck for 5 days had something to do with it. It felt good to “talk” to people again but I wish I could remove about 200 of my 250 “friends”… Maybe starting a new account would do the trick!

    • I too have been quiet for almost 2.5 years now on Facebook. Honestly I do not even feel the need to connect to anyone on my ‘friends’ list neither do I miss them. The ones I truly want to keep in touch I call or sms.
      I am so grateful to have come into contact with so many people on the blogsphere, who genuinely understand what I have been through and have provided valuable support. Yeah, that has got me also feeling that a new account might bring back the magic of FB after all!

  2. Goddess says:

    Wanted to let you know that you’ve been nominated for two blog awards! http://goddessunleashedblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/03/my-blog-is-addictive-and-inspiring/

    Facebook annoys me from time to time. I’ve thought of staring a profile under my blog name.

    • Thank you so much for the award. I hope you can find your inner peace and know that you are not alone in your pain. Do give me sometime to post the award on my blog. I am still grappling with WordPress (sigh).

      I already have a Twitter account under my blog name and I am thinking of opening a Facebook account with it. The Facebook account with my real name has been quiet for over two years and I think it will remain that way for quite sometime.

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